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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Willis an approved warranty provider with the Homeowners Protection Office (HPO)?

Yes, and furthermore Willis utilizes Commonwealth, an A.M. Best "A-" (Excellent) rated insurance company backed by assets and capitalization in the billions of dollars.  Commonwealth is an approved warranty provider with the Financial Institutions Commission of British Columbia.

How does this program compare to the minimum legislated standards?

The minimum legislated standards require a warranty provide 2 years on materials and workmanship defects, 5 years on building envelope and 10 years on structural defects.  Willis has expanded the breadth of our program to provide up to 10 years of coverage for the building envelope.  Our related inspection work also goes well beyond any legislated requirements.

What differentiates this program from the "competition"?

There are numerous features and benefits of the Willis Warranty program that demonstrates why "anything else is less".  Click on Features and Benefits to see what we mean.

What criteria or standards are used to evaluate the developers for acceptance into the Willis Warranty?

Our program has the most stringent set of design and construction guidelines in the warranty market.  They were designed exclusively for Willis Warranty by RDH Building Engineering Limited who are preeminent professionals in the field of building envelope science and also have expertise in structural engineering.  RDH engineers review each project’s design to ensure compliance with these standards and then monitor the actual construction of the building to make sure the design is followed through.

We believe the combination of exacting standards and monitoring by the best consultants around creates a quality assurance process that is without equal.

Does Willis have any affiliation with the bankrupt New Home Warranty Program (NHWP)?

No. Whilst other current providers purchased certain assets of the bankrupt company, have financial obligations associated with the Trustee, or has hired certain key management personnel involved in NHWP, Willis has maintained a policy of disassociation with the organization and its management - past, present, and future.

Look for more FAQs as your questions come in.

Contact us. Learn more about Willis Warranty.

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